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dumped adj : that is dropped in a heap; "his hastily dumped clothes"; "the money was there, dumped all over the floor"

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  1. past of dump

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Dumped was a television programme which started on September 2, 2007 and aired nightly until September 5 2007. It involved 11 contestants living for three weeks on a rubbish dump next to a landfill site near Croydon, Surrey. The contestants who "survived" the 21 days and used only what they found on the dump were awarded £20,000 to share equally between them.


11 participants, who were not initially informed of their task, must live on a purpose-made rubbish dump adjacent to a working landfill site for 21 days after being left equipped only with a sleeping bag, drinking can and one roll of lavatory paper each. However, food was delivered to the landfill on a weekly basis. Every person working on the programme was given tetanus, polio and hepatitis vaccinations for their safety. Potential participants were not told that the programme would involve living on a landfill, but were instead told that they would be part of "a unique eco-challenge". |- valign="top" |Jermaine Liburd |30 |Semi-professional footballer |Nottingham | |- valign="top" |Jarvis Smith |36 |Advertising manager |Leicester | |- valign="top" |Christine Flynn |47 |Designer |Glasgow | |}

Pre-series publicity

Described as Channel 4's "biggest marketing campaigns of the year", Dumped was promoted via various methods. Advertisements for the programme appeared on websites such as Yahoo, The Guardian, New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph and MSN. Coming Down the Mountain, also airing at the same time on BBC One, was watched by 4.7 million and a 20% share.. The penultimate episode was viewed by 1.5 million viewers and had a 7% audience share, while Hell's Kitchen received 3.4 million viewers and a 15% audience share. Both programmes were beaten in their slot by BBC One's Traffic Cops, which attracted 5.5 million and a 25% share of the audience.


It was initially alleged that the programme was staged, as the landfill that the contestants were living on was created especially for the filming. However, Channel 4 has played down these allegations, stating that the programme could not be filmed on the real landfill and that they have been "careful not to mislead".


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